Do you love collecting heels in your ever-increasing shoe closet? Women simply love heels, and without a doubt, it has become one of the most cherished footwears. Apart from being a little painful, heels offer confidence and sophistication which women are often in need of. Have you ever wondered why
womens heel sandals are so popular? Let’s decode why these stunning shoes have garnered such love from women across the globe.

Top 7 reasons why women wear heels

Do you love womens heel sandals? We understand! We do too! With its origin back to the 15th century, heels have witnessed evolution over the years. And now, it’s a symbol of power and feminine elegance.

Here are the reasons why high heel shoes for women are popular –

  1. Boosts confidence

One of the primary reasons why women love heels is the boost in confidence. It is an obvious fact that women in heels look more attractive. And when you are armed with the knowledge that you look beautiful, self-confidence increases tremendously. You can even try it yourself. When you have an exceptionally challenging day at the office, pair a formal top and pants with wedge heels. The surge of confidence will help you get through the day.

  1. Elevates appearance

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding? For brides, it is the single most crucial day of her life. And if you choose to wear heels with the wedding dress, you need to pick the perfect bridal heels. It not only makes the outfit even more beautiful, but it also changes your overall appearance. The change in the way a woman walks in heels compared to flats makes it attractive. However, if you do not wear heels often, it is advisable to practice seriously for a few days before the actual event. You do not actually want any tripping accident to mar the special day of your life.

  1. Adds charm to the look

In today's world, wearing heels is a personal choice. While some might not be comfortable with it, others consider it to be a fashion statement. No matter the outfit you wear, heels accentuate the look significantly. However, you need to be conscious about the choice of heels or shades to grab the spotlight. There are various types of heels available. For instance, you can choose platform heels or wedges. And when you are absolutely confident, you can go for the stilettos.

  1. Gives a feminine grace

Do you want a more feminine look for your wedding? Choose the best wedding heels for this joyous occasion. Women have the uncanny ability to look even more sophisticated with heels. For weddings, you can use classic colors such as white, beige, or neutral shades. For other formal events, go for black or red heels if you want to make a bold statement. However, it is always important to ensure that your outfit and footwear coordinate or at least give a statement.

  1. Creates an illusion of height

Women with short heights often find it difficult to put forth their opinions. Not that it takes away their credibility or talent, but height can still make all the difference. The addition of the best women platform heels can create the illusion you want. It's a boon for petite women and can help make curvier women slenderer. It also allows businesswomen to give off the illusion of dominance. When you are at the same height as others while talking or simply presenting something, your confidence is bound to skyrocket.

  1. Helps garnering attention

Do you love the spotlight? Does turning heads make you feel powerful? Pairing the right pencil heels for women with a stunning dress will do that for you. Both men and women will stop to take a look at you. And don’t feel surprised if some stay back to offer compliments. Besides, you will find that heels are a perfect way to get the attention of males. It accentuates your legs and provides a perfect display of grace and power.

  1. Symbolizes power

Heels have been synonymous with power for a prolonged time period, dating back to 3500 BCs. At that time, aristocratic women and men wore heels to display their status and power. While it doesn't show status in today's world, it is still a widely used symbol of power. Often, women in positions of power wear heels. And when they are asked why they do so, most reply that it gives them confidence and the edge needed to survive in a male-dominated environment.

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