Are you eager to buy your first pair of sneakers? If you are new to the world of sneakers, finding the perfect shoe for the first time can be daunting. After all, you cannot simply buy the first pair that catches your eye. You must look beyond designs and colors to get that perfect footwear. To make the right decision, it is vital to consider a few factors. Understanding them will help you purchase the best sneakers for women. In this article, we will guide you on how to purchase your first pair of sneakers!

Factors to keep in mind while purchasing sneakers

Do you want to purchase the best walking shoes for women? In that case, check out these four factors listed below –

  • The right fit
  • To choose the best sneakers for women, getting the right fit is important. Here, it is vital to understand that size and fit are two different terms. Size is the standard measurement of a shoe, while fit is more personal and is in accordance with your comfort. Make sure you wear the sneakers and walk in them to understand the comfort factor. One tip to keep in mind is that running or athletic shoes have a different fit compared to other footwear. You must always leave a half-thumb distance between the longest toe of your foot and the front part of the shoe.

  • Support
  • Depending on the type of feet you have, you need to select the support your sneakers must have. Keep in mind that with the right support from your sneaker, you can reduce pain in your knees and ankles. Check if the sneaker offers arch support or if there is extra padding on the collar part. You also need to see if the sneakers come with heel cushioning for more stability.

  • Premium Materials
  • The material from which the shoe is made makes a significant difference. There are various types of materials used for designing sneakers. These include mesh, knit fabric, soft foam, leather, rubber, etc. Depending on your budget, you can opt for the material. It is vital to spend a bit more and get comfortable shoes instead of picking hard footwear that won’t offer much comfort. Apart from that, you need to focus on the durability of the sneaker.

  • Comfort
  • Comfort is a critical factor when it comes to choosing the best sneakers for women. Even if your sneaker looks stunning, you won't want to wear it if you are not comfortable with it. Make sure you opt for shoes with thick padding to give rest to your feet. Also, look for breathable uppers to ensure your feet remain cool during the hot summer season. Another aspect that needs consideration is balanced support. Check if the shoe offers support equally and not only in one place.

    Out top 3 picks for this Season

    We love sneakers and are eager to share our recommendations for the wintry January. Take a look –

  • Purple Chunky Leather Mesh Sneakers
  • If you are looking for the best womens shoes, check out the Purple Chunky Leather Mesh Sneakers. The color combination is eye-catching and is perfect for this winter season. Made with supple suede leather and mesh fabric, the sneaker boasts ultra-lightweight and elevated rubber soles. Besides, the lace-up upper makes the shoe even more walkable. The soft padded footbeds guarantee comfort, while the style ensures you grab the spotlight easily.

  • Champagne Oversized Bow Glittered Slip On Sneakers
  • Slip on sneakers are perfect for those who do not prefer to tie laces every single time you take the shoes off. The Champagne Oversized Bow Glittered Slip On Sneakers is a game changer. The soft champagne color sprinkled with metallic glitter makes it the perfect footwear for day and night outings. The exaggerated bow at the surface enhances the look of the sneaker even more. As one of the most comfortable shoes, the sneaker features a round toe with an elasticated tongue for easy wear. Besides, the well-cushioned footbed set on chunky rubber midsoles offers great comfort.

  • Black Rhinestone Knit Slip On Sneakers
  • If black is your favorite color, you will definitely fall in love with the Black Rhinestone Knit Slip On Sneakers. Credited as the best walking shoes for women, the flykint upper part offers breathability while the well-cushioned footbed delivers comfort. The versatility of the sneakers ensures you can slay them with track pants as well as party outfits.

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